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Mastering Special Occasion Eating for Quick Weight Loss May 18, 2017

Lincoln, Lancaster
Mastering Special Occasion Eating for Quick Weight Loss, Lincoln, Nebraska

Spring is here! This great time of year is full of celebrations and social/special occasion eating events. Don’t get stressed, instead plan ahead to suit your needs.

Social Eating Tips:

If you are a guest….

  • Set time limits at food-centered events
  • Don’t arrive hungry!
  • Distance yourself from the food table

If you are the host…

  • Consider reducing your cooking time and exposure to tempting foods by having the event catered or share the cooking responsibilities and ask guests to bring a dish for a “potluck”
  • After the party, make sure to have a plan for leftovers
  • Encourage non-food holiday traditions to incorporate more activities and bonding without food being the focus
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