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Everything You Need to Know About Pitorro Moonshine May 19, 2017

Port Morris, Bronx
Everything You Need to Know About Pitorro Moonshine, Bronx, New York

While moonshine is a term most people are familiar with, not everyone understands what it is. Moonshine was originally a homemade liquor distributed during Prohibition when all alcohol consumption was illegal. However, it is not only an American spirit. In Puerto Rico, Pitorro is a homemade moonshine that also serves as a traditional part of cultural celebrations.

Located in the Bronx, NY, Port Morris Distillery is the premier spirits distributor. They specialize in Puerto Rican moonshine liquor and offer tours and tastings to the public.

What Is Pitorro?

PitorroPitorro is a moonshine rum originating from Puerto Rico and has been produced since the 1600s. It is much stronger than most commercial rum as it can contain alcohol content of more than 100 proof. It is also known by other names such as lágrima del monte, which means mountain tears, or Canita, meaning sugar.

How Is It Made?

Because Pitorro is best known as homemade moonshine, there are many family recipes throughout Puerto Rico. Variations have also been made to the fermenting process, including swapping molasses for brown sugar and fruits, due to the decline in sugar cane agriculture. It’s common practice to cure the distilled alcohol by burying jugs of Pitorro in the ground for several months. To give it a tropical flavor, fruits such as whole coconuts or pineapples may be placed into the jugs as well.

To tour the distillery or try a tasting of Puerto Rican moonshine liquor, stop by Port Morris Distillery today. Call (718) 585-3192 to speak with a representative about hosting your event at their bar and visit their website for more information about Pitorro and where you can purchase it. 

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