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How a New Air Conditioning Installation Will Save You Money May 12, 2017

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How a New Air Conditioning Installation Will Save You Money, Olive Branch, Mississippi

Have you been putting off replacing your air conditioner because you don't want to spend the money? While new appliances can be costly, in many cases, you can actually save by upgrading or replacing your old system. Here’s how scheduling an air conditioning installation will benefit your wallet.

3 Reasons to Schedule an Air Conditioning Installation Now

1. Save Money on Repairs

While buying a new air conditioner is a big investment, you'll save more money in the long run than you would by constantly paying for maintenance. Think about it: Every time you call for AC repairs, you have another bill to pay. A new air conditioner is a one-time investment, and if you maintain it properly, it will run for a long time without issues.

2. Get Lower Utility Bills

air conditioning installationIn addition to costly repairs, if your air conditioner isn't working properly, it will be less efficient and use more energy. Heating and cooling costs account for almost half your home's energy use. Translation: Your old AC can lead to more expensive utility bills. Besides the spike in your bills, if your air conditioner isn’t working properly, it won’t cool down your house the way it’s supposed to. With a new air conditioning installation, you won’t find yourself spending money on a broken appliance. 

3. New Models Have Better Features

Most new air conditioners are energy efficient or have an efficiency mode, which helps you save money. Additionally, new models have a number of upgraded features, like zone control, which allows you to cool down certain areas and avoid blasting the AC in rooms you don’t use. Better still, the latest models frequently include an automated thermostat so you can set it to a higher temperature when you leave the house and at night.


If you’re ready to save some money by scheduling a new air conditioning installation, Gary Duncan Service Company in Olive Branch, MS, can help. They provide a wide variety of quality HVAC services, including AC repairs and maintenance. Check out the website to learn more, or call them at (662) 895-2023 to set up an appointment.

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