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5 Ways to Save Your Marriage: A Divorce Attorney's Advice August 11, 2017

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5 Ways to Save Your Marriage: A Divorce Attorney's Advice, Concord, North Carolina

In 2015, over 1.1 million marriages ended in divorce, according to BSGU's National Center for Marriage and family research. If you're worried your marriage may be heading the same direction, there may still be measures you can take to turn things around. Few people see more divorcing couples — or hear more about their reasons — than a divorce attorney. Based on that experience, the attorneys at Baker Billick, P.A. Attorneys At Law in Concord, NC, offer these tips to try before you start filing for divorce.

5 Tips to Turn a Marriage Around

1. Listen

If there are problems in your marriage, your partner will have thoughts on the situation — and you need to be open to them. Listen to understand, not to argue. Don't interrupt, and try repeating back your spouse's thoughts in your own words to make sure you understand.

2. Communicate Clearly

You also need to share your thoughts, feelings, needs, and desires so your spouse will be able to act on them. Don't expect your spouse to simply know. Instead, during a calm moment, sit down with your spouse and explain directly what's on your mind.

3. Compromise Where Possible

Sometimes, your needs and desires are directly opposed to your spouse's, and any concession on either part would make the situation intolerable — but most conflicts aren't like that. Instead, it's usually possible to meet halfway and give way to the spouse who is more invested in a specific issue, or to take turns in the decision-making process.

4. Show Affection

divorce attorneyWhen there is conflict in a marriage, the small gestures that help both partners feel loved can become few and far between. Look for opportunities to show kindness and affection to your spouse in ways they'll appreciate. This builds a foundation for resolving the big conflicts.

5. Set Common Goals

A relationship is meaningless without common ground. Talk to your spouse and make a joint decision about what you want in your marriage and your life together. Discuss the steps you can take — separately and together — to achieve those goals, and stick to that plan unless you both agree to change it.

Clear two-way communication and a willingness to address lingering issues can save even a badly damaged marriage. If you still find yourself in need of a divorce attorney, Baker Billick, P.A. Attorneys At Law will help. Call them at (704) 782-0911 or send a message online to consult with a divorce attorney today. You can also find the law firm on Facebook.

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