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3 Ways to Comfort Someone After the Funeral May 18, 2017

Flatlands, Brooklyn
3 Ways to Comfort Someone After the Funeral, Brooklyn, New York

The end of a funeral doesn’t signal the end of the grieving processes. Everyone wants to comfort the bereaved, but many people aren’t sure what to say or do. Unfortunately, this can make the grieving person feel even more alone. The following tips can help you comfort someone in grief and provide valuable emotional support after the funeral.

Listen Respectfully

Some people feel compelled to find solutions to their loved ones’ problems, but this approach can overwhelm a person in mourning. Instead of trying to rectify the situation, listen to what your friend or relative has to say. Sometimes, a grieving person begins to feel better when they know they can freely share their thoughts and emotions.

funeral Brooklyn, NYMake Yourself Available

“Let me know if you need anything” is a common phrase uttered after a funeral, but its ambiguity can overshadow its good intentions. Offer to take specific actions instead of waiting for the bereaved to ask for something. Ask your friend or relative if they want you to run an errand, prepare a meal, or babysit for an afternoon. You may also want to bring them ready-made meals they can keep at home, so they always have nutritious food in the house.

Remember Important Dates

There is no timeline for grief, and it doesn’t disappear after a certain point. This complicated emotion can intensify on anniversaries, holidays, and the birthday of the deceased. Remember that your friend or family member may feel sad on those days and let them know you are there for them. Invite them to lunch or send them flowers to let them know their loved one is not forgotten.  


There is no easy way to deal with grief, but the caring professionals at Caribe Funeral Home in Brooklyn, NY, strive to make planning and holding a funeral easier. Their compassionate staff offers funeral planning, cremation, and traditional burial services. Put your trust in them and call (718) 444-1818 to schedule an appointment. You can also visit their website to see a full list of services.

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