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5 Common Signs of Mold Damage May 18, 2017

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5 Common Signs of Mold Damage, Evergreen, Montana

Many people only respond to mold damage when it’s already a major problem. Mold grows so quickly, though, that it’s worth recognizing the early signs of infiltration as well as the later stages. To keep you in the know, Allied 24/7 Restoration in Kalispell, MT, has put together the following easy-to-spot signs mold is taking over your home.

Poor Ventilation 

Places like bathrooms and laundry rooms are prone to mold growth, especially if they get inadequate ventilation. If your bathroom fogs up after every shower and you don’t have a fan, it almost certainly has mold — even if you don’t see the telltale growth in your tile grout.

mold damageWater Leaks

Mold spores are practically ubiquitous, so all it takes to spur their growth is moisture buildup. Whether you’re dealing with a ceiling leak, clogged gutter, or a burst pipe, letting water seep into your home’s infrastructure will quickly lead to mold proliferation.

Mildew Smell

While many water leaks are easy to spot, many still go undetected if you’re going by sight alone. Musty or mildewy smells, however, can prompt you to inspect your crawlspaces, basements, attics, or ductwork for signs of leaks or mold growth.

High Humidity & Rusty Pipes 

Rust development, such as on exposed pipes, indicates high levels of condensation and humidity — the perfect conditions for mold proliferation. Other signs of high humidity include frequent window and wall condensation.

Flu-Like Symptoms 

In severe cases of mold infestation, members of your household may suffer flu-like symptoms, such as headaches, congestion, and fever whenever they come home. Those with asthma or other breathing problems may be the most sensitive, but mold is dangerous for everyone.

If you suspect your Kalispell, MT, home has a mold problem, you can schedule an inspection and estimate from 24/7 Restoration by calling (406) 756-4357. More information about their mold remediation and restoration services is available on their website.

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