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Wisconsin Counselor Reveals What You Can Expect With ADHD Behavioral Therapy May 17, 2017

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Wisconsin Counselor Reveals What You Can Expect With ADHD Behavioral Therapy, Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin

When treating Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, more commonly known as ADHD, the most productive plan is to combine medication with behavioral therapy. Behavioral therapy looks to replace bad habits with positive ones, as lead by a certified counselor. Central Wisconsin Counseling Associates, located in both Whiting and Wisconsin Rapids, WI, is a compassionate office with a specialized ADHD therapist who has aided many struggling families in their search for treatment.

Before attempting behavioral therapy, it is best to understand the process and have appropriate expectations:

  • counselorWhat Is Behavioral Therapy: While most therapeutic treatments focus on the emotional side of a person, a behavioral therapy counselor focuses solely on actions. The counselor works not only with the struggling child but with his or her parents as well, to ensure everyone is acting in a way that is beneficial to the one struggling with ADHD. Patients may be asked to keep a detailed log of their activities throughout the day, so their counselor can best understand their habits. Role playing is then used to help replace negative actions with positive ones.

  • Consequence & Reward: Once your counselor has an understanding of the issue at hand, he or she will create a plan for you and your child to carry out. This includes a system based off of rewards and consequences. Talk with the child to ensure they are aware of the rewards for good behavior, and the risks for poor behavior so that they are motivated to improve. A physical chart is often made and taken home to be used daily by you and your child. This will help both of you keep track of behavior and remind your young one of what is expected.

  • Dismiss the Need for Drugs: Prescription medication is a doctor's first choice when treating ADHD. Approximately 75% of children with ADHD between second and fifth grade are consistently taking medication. To start, behavioral therapy combined with medication can be an effective treatment, but the need for prescription drugs decreases with the ongoing therapeutic success. Because medication can have negative side effects, being able to treat ADHD naturally is the safest and most healthy form of healing.

When your child is struggling with ADHD, talk to your doctor to find the best treatment plan. Central Wisconsin Counseling Associates, in both Whiting and Wisconsin Rapids, WI, is experienced in child abuse counseling, sexual abuse counseling, depression therapy, and behavioral therapy. For more information on their services, visit their website or call (715) 424-6960 to schedule an appointment at both locations.

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