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Providing Grief Support for Your Family When a Loved One Passes May 15, 2017

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Providing Grief Support for Your Family When a Loved One Passes, Harpers Ferry, West Virginia

There comes a time in every family member’s life when a loved one passes. During this difficult time, it’s not always easy to know the right things to say or do to help those who are suffering. While you can’t take away their pain, there are some helpful ways to provide grief support to your loved ones.

Understand That Everyone Grieves Differentlygrief support

You may notice your loved one acting out of character or behaving in ways that might otherwise be inappropriate. But try to remember that everyone deals with grief differently. The process is not always predictable, and sometimes, people need to deal with things in their own way. The best way to provide grief support in this kind of circumstance is to not pass any judgment and allow them to heal on their own terms.

Figure Out What to Say

When it comes to grief support, a little goes a long way. Some people think their grieving family members expect long, detailed conversations. But your loved one might not be ready to confront their grief yet. If you want to extend your support at the funeral services, just let them know you’re truly sorry for their loss, and you’re available to listen if they ever need to talk.

Offer Help With Daily Tasks

When someone passes, the rest of the family is often overwhelmed with funeral planning, in addition to trying to process their own grief. If you offer to help with daily activities like picking up the kids from school or getting groceries for the week, your loved one can take a break and focus on healthily grieving without distractions. Similarly, if your loved one prefers to deal with grief alone, offering to assist with funeral planning or funeral services might be exactly what they need.


The caring staff at Eackles-Spencer & Norton Funeral Home in Harpers Ferry, WV, treats every family as if they were their own. With the proper grief support and compassionate funeral planning you need during this difficult time, their services will honor the memory of your loved one with dignity. For more information, visit their website and call (304) 724-6500 to discuss your family’s funeral planning needs.
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