Sheridan Gardens, Iowa

What to Expect When Professional Movers Pack for You May 18, 2017

Sheridan Gardens, Lee
What to Expect When Professional Movers Pack for You, Lee, Iowa

When you hire a moving service to pack and transport your belongings, you can rest easy knowing the professionals will take care of the hardest part of your move. However, you still may be wondering what this service entails. At A-1 Movers in Des Moines, IA, the professional movers strive to make every step stress-free from start to finish.

Although you’re free to sit back and relax, it’s important to be present while your movers pack your belongings. If you have children or pets, make sure they’re entertained and out of the way to avoid a potentially unsafe situation. The fewer obstacles your movers have to work around, the speedier the process will be.

If you have a lot of items you would like to donate or throw away, do it before your professional movers arrive. Your movers will carefully pack up everything in sight, so if there’s anything you don’t want to take to your new home, the time is now. Likewise, your dishwasher should be empty, your laundry clean, and any items you would like to keep with you clearly labeled.

professional-moversWhen your movers arrive, they will protect your flooring with covering before divvying up materials and commencing packing. If you hire multiple people, they will tackle different rooms to maximize efficiency. They will then quickly and carefully wrap up your items, using special packaging to protect the more delicate ones.

For your convenience, they will label each box with the name of the room where they packaged it. After a full day of packing, two professional movers should pack up to 150 boxes full of belongings. If this seems like a lot, it is, but they’ve had plenty of experience.

Once they’ve finished packing, it’s time to do a thorough walk-through with them. Together, go through cupboards, drawers, and closets to make sure everything is safely packed away. Then, you can relax and wait to greet your belongings at your new destination. 

For a stress-free move, contact Des Moines’ top local moving company. For two experienced movers from A-1 Movers, it’s only $95/hour, and for three experienced movers, it’s only $125/hour. Learn more about how this team can help by calling (515) 288-4433 or visiting the website

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