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5 Steps to Take After a Motorcycle Accident May 19, 2017

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5 Steps to Take After a Motorcycle Accident, Tacoma, Washington

The moments following a motorcycle accident can be scary, but according to the legal team at Paine Kilpatrick Coleman & Mahoney PC in Tacoma, WA, they’re also the most important. There are essential steps to follow if you intend to seek compensation in court, and acting thoroughly and carefully following a collision can prove invaluable down the road.

5 Steps to Take Right After a Motorcycle Accident

1. Take Pictures

Things can be confusing after a motorcycle accident, but remember: Everything is evidence. Take photographs of your motorcycle, clothes, and the at-fault driver’s vehicle, as well as the surrounding area. The more detail there is, the more you’ll be able to accurately recount in court, and it will give your case a strong resource base.

2. Exchange Information & Call the Police

Calling the police is imperative, as the accident scene will now officially become police record. This will be helpful in court, as each detail of the accident will be legally documented. During this time, you’ll also want to exchange personal and insurance information with the at-fault driver. However, do not call their or your insurance company yet.

3. Interview Witnesses

motorcycle accident Witnesses can be even better than evidence in some cases, so talk to anyone who saw the motorcycle accident occur. Get their full recount of the event, and request they relay this information in court. Their word can be a powerful statement for proving you’re the victim.

4. Visit a Doctor

If you’re severely injured, it’s always best to visit a doctor immediately. However, don’t write off mild discomfort as nothing. The smallest injuries can become larger issues later, which is why you should see a physician as soon as possible no matter what. They’ll medically document the injury in relation to the accident and provide any treatment needed.

5. Hire an Attorney

If you’re seeking compensation for damages following a motorcycle accident, it’s imperative to have a lawyer at your side. There are many legal issues and insurance-related matters to address, and a personal injury attorney can help you receive restitution. Self-representation carries many pitfalls, so always hire an attorney to help you build a case.

If you’ve been in a motorcycle accident, contact an attorney at Paine Kilpatrick Coleman & Mahoney PC today. Their legal team will work closely with you through each step of your case and is dedicated to achieving a positive outcome. Call (253) 472-3323 to schedule a consultation, and visit their website and Facebook page to learn more about their practice.

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