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3 Questions to Ask When You Visit Your Family Dental Office May 17, 2017

Scarsdale, Westchester
3 Questions to Ask When You Visit Your Family Dental Office, Scarsdale, New York

If you’re brushing and flossing regularly and visiting your family dental office twice a year for cleanings, you’re on the way to achieving and maintaining excellent oral health. But to ensure you’re doing everything possible to keep your teeth and gums healthy, the professionals at Scarsdale Dental Spa & Wellness in Westchester County, NY, recommend discussing a few topics with your dentist so you can improve your oral health habits.

3 Questions to Ask at Your Family Dental Office

1. Am I Doing Everything I Should for Proper Dental Care?

Review your daily dental practices to ensure you’re doing all you can for excellent oral health. Your dentist might have ways to take your at-home dental care to the next level by suggesting new practices or products, such as a power toothbrush or tongue cleaner.

2. Why Are My Teeth Sensitive?

Family dental Westchester County NYIf you are experiencing pain or discomfort in your mouth, discuss it with your dental care provider so they can determine whether it’s a significant problem. Tooth sensitivity, for example, can be caused by receding gums, teeth whitening products, or even grinding your teeth while you sleep. Dental office professionals can identify and fix the problem before it becomes a serious issue.

3. How Can I Get a Whiter Smile?

Maintaining a white smile is one of the biggest cosmetic dentistry concerns. Having brighter tooth enamel can boost your confidence and even make you smile more often. Ask your dental office what you can do to increase the health and appearance of your teeth, such as consuming less coffee and red wine or using a mouth rinse after eating and drinking.

If you have questions about your teeth or gums, call Scarsdale Dental Spa & Wellness in Westchester County, NY, at (914) 713-2424 to schedule an appointment. Visit the family dental office online for more information about their services, including emergency dental care. Like them on Facebook for oral health advice and news from the practice.

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