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Maintain Your Burglar Alarms With These 3 Tasks This Summer May 15, 2017

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Maintain Your Burglar Alarms With These 3 Tasks This Summer, Waterford, Connecticut

Burglar alarms help you protect your home and family from the threats of unwanted visitors, but only if they are working properly. Because your home security system is prone to damage just like the rest of your appliances, it is crucial to check it regularly for issues and do what you can to prevent problems. 

Here are three tips for maintaining your burglar alarms:

  • burglar alarmsTrim Your Landscaping: Shrubs make your home look beautiful, but if they get too big, they could block cameras and motion detectors, disrupting the functionality of your home security system. To keep your surveillance system working properly, trim back trees, shrubs, and climbing vines. It is also important to check your camera views from every angle to make sure landscaping isn’t impeding the view. 
  • Clean Camera Lenses: Outdoor camera lenses can get dirty quickly, especially during the wet winter months. Before summer is in full swing, go through your system and carefully clean each of your camera lenses with a soft cloth. When you clean the cameras, don’t skew their orientation by pushing too hard on the outside of the housing.
  • Look for Damage: Things like rodent infestations, snow buildup, or even fallen branches can damage your security system, which is why you should check it for damage regularly. In addition to inspecting camera bodies, examine wires, control panels, and the main computer unit to look for signs of physical damage. A single worn wire or corroded panel could disrupt the functionality of your entire system.


If you find damage to your burglar alarms or you are thinking about upgrading your system, contact ASP Security Systems. They have provided security solutions to Waterford, CT, residents for over 40 years. For more information about their company or to schedule a consultation, send them a message online or call (860) 442-2016.

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