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3 Insulation Breakdown Warning Signs May 17, 2017

Russellville, Pope
3 Insulation Breakdown Warning Signs, Russellville, Arkansas

Home insulation provides three important services: It keeps your home comfortable, decreases energy bills, and reduces your carbon footprint. How long insulation lasts depends on quality and type, such as spray foam or fiberglass. Learn the warning signs indicating it is time for insulation replacement to maintain a comfortable home no matter the season.

Signs It’s Time for New Insulation

Too Hot

home insulationIf your house is increasingly warm despite the best efforts of your air conditioning system, it could be due to deteriorating insulation. Check your air conditioner first—if nothing is wrong with the system, the problem is likely insulation-related. Your home no longer has a barrier protecting it from the outside heat.

Too Cold

Much like a home that is too hot, a residence that is too cold is another sign of insulation failure. Inspect your heating system to ensure functionality before looking for signs of faulty insulation. Ice dams and icicle formation on your roof provide telltale signs that your home is not retaining warmth the way it should.

Energy Bill Increase

An increase in your energy bill is also a sign home insulation is breaking down. Quality insulation and weatherstripping reduce heating and cooling costs by up to 20% per month, so if your bill seems higher than should, it may be time for new insulation.


Discuss your home comfort needs and budget requirements with the team at Air Tight Insulation Solutions in Russellville, AR. The company offers a variety of home insulation options, including spray foam, urethane, fiberglass, and cellulose to keep your home comfortable and your energy bills low. Installation services include your attic, crawlspace, and basement, with commercial services also available. Call (479) 967-4663 or visit the insulation experts on Facebook for more information.

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