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What Is Included in Oil Field Services? May 17, 2017

Hobbs, Lea
What Is Included in Oil Field Services?, Hobbs, New Mexico

When you think of the oil industry, the iconic image of an oil pump slowly bobbing as it extracts liquid gold from the earth probably pops into your mind. Consider, though, how much effort and expertise goes into installing, maintaining, and transporting that rig. Lucky Services, based in Hobbes, NM, with an additional location in Midland, TX, is the area’s leader in oil field service. In the sections below, they discuss what tasks contribute to the success of an oil well aside from drilling and pumping.

Oil Field Maintenance

When drilling or pumping equipment breaks down, an oil field service company is called to perform repairs and restore them to working order. Preventative maintenance is also important, so oil field equipment is regularly inspected and tuned up to keep it operating properly. Moreover, when something goes wrong with the well infrastructure itself—e.g. bent or corroded tubing, a malfunctioning pump, or an improperly sized well bore— a process called a "well workover" is required to get it operational again. A well workover utilizes pulling machines to remove the troublesome parts for repair or replacement.

Oil Field Transportation

Oil field servicePieces of oil field equipment, such as land rigs, are often huge and cumbersome with specific transportation requirements. Some oil service companies specialize in transporting these huge rigs to inhospitable locations with inconvenient access over uneven terrain. It is surprisingly complicated, and requires considerable expertise and experience.

Mapping & Directional Drilling

Before drilling begins, oil field service companies map the sub-surface structure to locate oil deposits using seismic testing. Once the deposits are located, oil wells must often be drilled at an angle to access them. Some oil field service companies specialize in drilling holes at an angle—or even horizontally.

Lucky Services, the premier oil field service company in Hobbes, NM, started out in 1986 with a single pulling machine performing oil field workovers and completions. Today they have 23 rigs in service and a second location in Midland TX. But despite their growth, they still value safety, customer satisfaction, and attention to detail above all. Visit their website for more information, or call (575) 392-1547 to speak to a friendly, knowledgeable professional.

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