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4 Ways for Grooms to Add Personal Touches to Wedding Tuxedos May 18, 2017

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4 Ways for Grooms to Add Personal Touches to Wedding Tuxedos, Las Vegas, Nevada

You want your wedding to be as unique and unforgettable as you can make it, with personal touches throughout the day. While wedding dresses tend to get most of the fashion focus, wedding tuxedos are more customizable than you may realize. Ready Tux of Las Vegas has four suggestions for grooms to add flair on the big day.

How to Personalize Wedding Tuxedos

1. Color

While black is the most traditional color for a tuxedo, it’s not the only option by any means. Grooms everywhere are going for a wider range of shades for their tuxes, whether they choose gray, blue, white, or even something more unusual. You can take your wedding’s color scheme into account when choosing your tuxedo and its accessories, which will allow you to coordinate and pick up on the mood you’ve set for the day. Even if you choose a neutral color for the jacket and pants, an unusual vest is a way to stand out.

2. Cut

Wedding TuxedosWhile a classic cut is always an attractive choice, there are plenty of ways for the creative groom to experiment. Different lapel cuts can add visual interest, while tails are a fancier option for more formal weddings. Take a look at different silhouettes before making your final decision.

3. Tie Choice

Whether you go with a more formal bow tie or the everyday shape, your tie is a great way to show individuality. An interesting color or pattern will add visual appeal.

4. Tuxedo Accessories

Even in the most straightforward ensemble, tuxedo accessories can bring a pop of color and style. From your pocket square to your cufflinks or even your boutonnière, you have many ways to make your look stand out.

Whether you’re looking at wedding tuxedos or simply need some tuxedo tailoring, Ready Tux is here to help. Call their friendly staff at (702) 836-3133 to learn more about their options and find the wedding tuxedo that’s just right for you. A gallery of choices can be found on their website.

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