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5 Reasons Broken Bones Require Professional Physical Therapy May 17, 2017

Cherokee Village, Sharp
5 Reasons Broken Bones Require Professional Physical Therapy, Cherokee Village, Arkansas

Following a fracture, most patients receive a cast to facilitate bone repair. While immobilizing the affected limb or body part is helpful, it’s only one aspect of recovery. To fully restore mobility and improve strength, you need to follow up with professional physical therapy.

The dedicated physical therapists from Therapy Works in Cherokee Village, AR, explain why therapy is a crucial part of recovering from a fracture:

  • Manage Pain: A cast is designed to prevent you from moving the fractured bone. Once it’s off, you’ll most likely find it difficult and, perhaps, slightly painful to move in the ways you did prior to the injury. Professional physical therapy exercises can help you readjust and manage pain accordingly.  
  • Reduce Stiffness: Casts don’t only immobilize your bones; the surrounding muscles and joints also experience limited motion. As a result, you may need to do some targeted stretches and exercises to regain flexibility and reduce stiffness, which physical therapists can provide.


  • Regain Strength: It’s not uncommon for muscles to atrophy slightly or significantly while in a cast. Through therapy sessions, you can slowly and safely rebuild your muscles to restore your previous level of strength.
  • Improve Mobility: Stiff, weakened muscles will also limit your range of motion. Professional physical therapy experts will facilitate the gradual progress of mobility improvement, so you can eventually move with the ease you did before your fracture.
  • Prevent Re-Injury: Most importantly, physical therapy achieves a full recovery by helping compromised muscles, bones, and joints grow stronger at a safe pace. For athletes especially, attending sports physical therapy is essential for preventing injuries from happening again.

Whether you’ve sustained a sports-related injury or you’re recovering from an accident, professional physical therapy can help you feel better and prevent future injuries. Make an appointment with the attentive team from Therapy Works by calling (870) 856-4325, or visit the website for more information. You can also like the Facebook page for social media updates.

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