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Why Is Your Back Pain Shooting Down Your Leg? May 15, 2017

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Why Is Your Back Pain Shooting Down Your Leg?, Anchorage, Alaska

Back pain is uncomfortable enough, but when irritation shoots down your back and into your leg, it signifies sciatica. While your chiropractor can help, specialized treatment is often required. Anchorage, AK’s North Star Chiropractic Wellness Center explains the causes and symptoms of sciatica to help provide welcome relief. 

What Is Sciatica?

back painSciatica is characterized by searing pain that travels along the sciatic nerve from your lower back down through the back of your leg, often accompanied by numbness or tingling. Since the nerve occupies such a large area, this pain is more significant than back pain alone. Additionally, as the symptoms originate here, the condition is caused by an issue that arises in the back. 

What Causes Sciatica?

A variety of lower back problems contributes to the condition, from a herniated disk to more severe, complicated issues, such as lumbar spinal stenosis or degenerative disc disease. While your chiropractor might be treating these back issues, they should be your first line of defense against sciatica getting worse. If left untreated this condition can lead to weakness in the affected leg, Further, atrophy of the muscles can happen, which again left untreated could lead to paralysis. If a referral is necessary, your chiropractor will see to it that it is done.

How Is Sciatica Treated?

Treatment varies widely, involving various forms of physical therapy depending on the condition’s cause and level of severity. Chiropractic care is usually combined with therapy and at-home exercises to ease the pain over time. If symptoms are severe enough, surgery might be necessary. 

Whether you’re suffering from regular back pain, experiencing signs of sciatica, or recovering from a sports injury, the skilled staff at North Star Chiropractic Wellness Center can help. Visit these experts online, keep updated on Facebook, or call (907) 337-7463 to schedule your consultation today.

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