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The real estate professionals at EXIT Realty Upper Midwest in Milbank, SD are determined to do what it takes to exceed in their career and provide exceptional service to their clients. Coached with real estate agent investor training and filled with genuine passion, EXIT Realty Upper Midwest has gone above and beyond their real estate franchise status quo.

What EXIT Realty Does to Go Above & Beyond in the Franchise Territories They Serve April 30, 2017

Milbank, Grant
What EXIT Realty Does to Go Above & Beyond in the Franchise Territories They Serve, Milbank, South Dakota

Giving back to the community should be a top priority for all businesses. There are a variety of ways to make a positive impact, whether it’s volunteering hours, sponsoring an event, or supporting a charity. Regardless of the act, going above and beyond to make a difference will benefit both the company and the community. This is why the EXIT Realty brand is a firm believer in giving back. As part of one of the leading real estate businesses in the country, EXIT Realty Upper Midwest follows this same model in all of the franchise territories they serve, which includes Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and the Dakotas.

Here are the different ways the real estate specialists at EXIT make a lasting and profound effect on the community:

  • Habitat for Humanity®: Having carefully chosen Habitat for Humanity to partner with in charity, EXIT Realty donates a portion of every fee they make on a transaction to the home construction cause. EXIT employees are given the opportunity to work with Habitat for Humanity organizations across all of the real estate business’s franchise territories to raise funds for local projects. The money raised then has the chance to be matched dollar-for-dollar from EXIT’s dedicated charity funds.

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  • Teal Is the New Green: Teal Is the New Green is a program that gives EXIT Realty agents the opportunity to join the green movement that is taking the real estate world by storm. Homebuyers are increasing their efforts to buy more environmentally friendly properties, and through this program, EXIT agents are given the education and resources to help their clients accomplish this goal. They have partnered with EcoBroker® International to provide this unique service.
  • Focus on Good Health: EXIT Realty’s efforts of giving back aren’t just limited to the outside community but also extend to their network of employees. The idea behind Focus on Good Health is to encourage a good work-life balance that keeps agents healthy and happy in both their working and living environments. This initiative provides articles, tips, and tools designed to show employees how to sustain their wellbeing and a high quality of life.

Showing support to the community has allowed the professionals at EXIT Realty Upper Midwest to form strong relationships throughout all their franchise territories. If you wish to learn more about joining a team of real estate entrepreneurs that don’t just focus on the process of buying and selling houses, but on having a real influence in the community as well, contact them at (612) 414-4022. You can also visit their website to learn more about their initiatives. 

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