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Top Seafood Restaurant Reveals 3 Ways to Know if Your Seafood is Fresh May 11, 2017

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Top Seafood Restaurant Reveals 3 Ways to Know if Your Seafood is Fresh, Bon Secour, Alabama

Crab, lobster, shrimp, and calamari; Seafood is a refreshing, healthy meal for anyone. The absolute best seafood restaurants use only the freshest ingredients in their dishes to ensure maximum flavor. If you are cooking at home, however, you need to know the difference between high- and low-quality seafood. Tin Top Restaurant & Oyster Bar, in Bon Secour, Alabama, is a premier seafood restaurant serving top dishes since 2004. Follow their expert advice to ensure you never prepare a bad meal again.

3 Ways to Identify Fresh Seafood

1. Check the Eyes

When buying whole fish, take a good look at the eyes. The freshest fish will have bright, clear eyes with a black pupil and a see-through cornea. Their eyes should be bulging and large. Fish eyes that appear clouded, dim, or saggy are older and past their prime.

seafood restaurant2. Check the Gills

The gills of a fresh piece of seafood will be bright red and covered in in clear slime-like liquid. The fish itself should have a sheen to it. Fish that are dull, discolored, or have gills the color of faded brick, are inedible due to age. Look elsewhere for your seafood.

3. How Does It Smell?

One of the best ways to determine if seafood is fresh or not is to smell it. If it reeks with a strong “fishy” scent, it will taste similarly. Good fish will smell like water, or perhaps a bit of brine. Some seafood can carry a faint scent of cucumber. These are all good indications the fish is in good condition.

When purchased and prepared correctly, seafood can be an enjoyable and unique meal. A seafood restaurant, such as Tin Top Restaurant & Oyster Bar, in Bon Secour, Alabama, is sure to house only the best ingredients, ensuring a gratifying meal. Add in live music, and a few Bloody Marys and your seafood restaurant experience will be one to remember. For more information on Tin Top Restaurant and Oyster Bar, take a look at the menu on their website or call (251) 949-5086 today. You can also follow them on Facebook to stay ahead of the goings on at the restaurant.

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