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How to Properly Store & Handle Propane May 4, 2017

West Plains, Howell
How to Properly Store & Handle Propane, West Plains, Missouri

While propane is an affordable and efficient fuel, it can be dangerous when it’s not stored and handled correctly. West Plains Propane in Howell County, MO, has nearly 60 years of experience serving the needs of area residents and offers a simple guide to help you minimize the risks associated with handling and storing this gas.


propanePropane is an odorless gas, but manufacturers add a scent to alert people in the event of a leak. Most propane companies have scratch-and-sniff cards they give to customers to familiarize themselves with the smell. In addition to knowing how to detect a leak, you should also close the top valve of the cylinder when you’re not using your appliances. Since propane is stored in pressurized tanks, it is crucial to keep an eye on your cylinder at all times, as one exploding tank can do serious damage.


Propane is heavier than air, which makes it extremely volatile. For this reason, you must store propane cylinders outside in the open air in a cool place. When propane’s stored in closed spaces, a leak could result in a thick layer of gas trapped in an area, thus triggering an explosion. Old, rusty cylinders should always be replaced with new ones, as these are particularly prone to exploding. In fact, it’s against the law to refill a damaged or outdated cylinder in the United States. 

Following these propane storage and handling tips will ensure everyone on your property is safe from harm. To learn more about West Plains Propane, call (417) 256-3470, or visit them online for a complete list of their products and services, ranging from gas appliance sales and propane tank installations to propane cylinder refills.

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