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How Soon Should I Replace My Automotive Windshield After It Cracks? May 4, 2017

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How Soon Should I Replace My Automotive Windshield After It Cracks?, Evergreen, Montana

Windshield cracks are some of the most common forms of car damage motorists face, according to Able Body Shop in Kalispell, MT. Unfortunately, the car repair shop notes that it’s also common for drivers to ignore this problem, especially if the crack is small and practically unnoticeable. However, waiting on replacing or repairing automotive windshields can be a big mistake, putting your safety at risk, as well as your expenses.  

When it comes to any damage to automotive windshields, the sooner you get it fixed, the better. Small chips, for instance, may not even require you to get a full windshield replacement. Instead, you can visit an auto glass specialist who can fill the chip to restore full structural integrity and visibility to your windshield. This process is considerably more affordable than a full replacement and can be completed in less than an hour.

automotive-windshieldsIf a windshield chip is left unattended, it can grow into a crack if the surface experiences increased pressure. If the crack is larger than the size of a credit card, you will likely need to get the whole windshield replaced as soon as possible.

When drivers wait on replacing cracked automotive windshields, they put themselves and others in danger. Over time, cracks not only continue to grow and become more unattractive, but they can also block more of your view, putting you at a greater risk of collision.

If you get into an accident, however, damaged glass can’t support the frame of the auto body. Since automotive windshields provide up to 30% of structural integrity, your car will lose its ability to protect those inside when it’s hit with extreme force. In addition, air bags may not fully deploy, reducing your overall protection upon impact.

For all of these reasons, Able Body Shop recommends for all of the motorists to get automotive windshields fixed at the first sign of a crack. Meeting all of your auto body repair needs with reliable, fast, and eco-friendly solutions, these master mechanics can restore your auto glass with confidence. To schedule service, contact this Kalispell collision shop at (406) 752-1125.

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