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La Crosse Dentists List 5 Possible Causes of Your Tooth Pain May 17, 2017

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La Crosse Dentists List 5 Possible Causes of Your Tooth Pain, La Crosse, Wisconsin

Tooth pain is one of the most uncomfortable afflictions you can experience. If severe enough, tooth pain may make it difficult to eat, sleep, or go about your daily routine. If you are experiencing this type of pain, it is usually a sign of a more serious condition that should be treated by a dentist.

Below, the staff from Coulee Family Dental, a family dentistry in La Crosse, WI, shares five possible causes of tooth pain.

  • Cavity: If your tooth pain worsens while eating very hot or cold foods, you most likely have a cavity. Cavities are a form of tooth decay in which the enamel of the tooth slowly wears away and creates a hole. Your dentist can prepare a filling to repair the cavity and stop the cause of the pain.
  • Wisdom Tooth: If there is not enough room in your jaw for your wisdom teeth to grow in, they may become impacted. Impacted teeth place additional pressure on the jaw, resulting in intense pain. To alleviate the pain and pressure, your dentist will most likely recommend removal of the tooth.
  • Cracked/ Broken Tooth: Tooth pain that worsens as you bite down or chew can be a sign of a cracked or broken tooth. If you believe that your tooth has cracked, contact a dentist to have it repaired as soon as possible. Depending on the severity of your case, a filling, crown, root canal, or extraction of the tooth may be needed.
  • dentistSensitive Teeth: Over time the enamel of the teeth can begin to wear away. As the enamel weakens, your teeth will become increasingly more sensitive until you seek the appropriate dental care. After assessing the state of your enamel, your dentist may choose to place a crown over the tooth to prevent future damage.
  • Infected/ Abcessed Tooth: Your pain could be a sign of a more serious issue such as an infected or abcessed tooth. In the case of an infection or abcess, you may need a root canal, drainage, or extraction. It is best to call your dental professional right away to treat the condition and avoid the need for extraction.

If you are currently experiencing tooth pain and need a dentist, call (608) 782-3102 to schedule an appointment with Coulee Family Dental. For more information on their services and treatment options, visit them online.

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