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What Are Some Unexpected Causes of Fire Damage? May 9, 2017

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What Are Some Unexpected Causes of Fire Damage?, Williston, Vermont

Candles, cigarettes, stoves, and heaters are among the commonly known causes of home fires. Unfortunately, a fire can start in ways you would not expect. Learn about four unexpected causes of fire damage to further your safety education and reduce fire risks in your home.

What Are Some Unexpected Fire Damage Causes?


The fire risk your dishwasher presents is minimal; however, it is still something to be aware of. If your dishwasher is faulty or hasn’t been maintained over the years, it can drip water on the appliance’s internal wires and cause sparks.


fire damageMaintaining a clean home is not only about appearance and air quality; it is also about reducing fire hazards. Dust collection near flammable objects, such as electronic appliances, heaters, and wall sockets, present fire hazards, making it necessary to vacuum under furniture and along walls.


Glass objects, such as vases, crystal decor items, and jars, set near windows make it easy for sunlight to pass through them. This light is sometimes refracted by the glass towards flammable household items, such as curtains or paper. If light refracts for long enough, it can lead to a fire.


If you have ever felt your laptop after working on it all day, you know how hot it can get. Leaving it on a bed, couch, or anything else flammable creates a fire hazard. This is easily avoidable by keeping the laptop on a non-flammable service, such as your desk.


For more information on unexpected fire hazards and how to prevent them, contact the team at SERVPRO of Burlington/Middlebury. As one of Vermont’s most renowned restoration companies, they specialize in smoke and fire damage restoration, among many other essential services. Call (802) 497-1101 or visit their website to learn more, and like the experts on Facebook for more great tips and information.

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