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6 Reasons Apartments For Rent in Senior Communities Are Great Options For Active Seniors May 11, 2017

6 Reasons Apartments For Rent in Senior Communities Are Great Options For Active Seniors , Pawcatuck, Connecticut

Finding the perfect apartment for rent isn’t always easy. Active seniors living in Connecticut and Rhode Island who are looking for places to call home that cater to their specific needs turn to Murphy Properties. Their active senior apartments focus on comfort, accessibility, and affordability. These experts offer seniors an independence they can’t get from assisted living communities while also providing numerous benefits.

Here are a few reasons why many seniors choose the active senior apartments from Murphy Properties:

  • apartments for rentLess Maintenance: Murphy Properties handles all the interior and exterior maintenance for their senior living communities. Maintenance costs are guaranteed to be affordable, and repairs and upkeep are both reliable and consistent.
  • Greater Security: There’s always risk associated with living independently, but Murphy Properties prioritizes safety and security. For example, the senior living community at Granite Hill is located in a safe area, and should an emergency arise, residents can easily access help with a simple phone call to the property managers. 
  • Lower Cost of Living: For seniors, owning a home means high mortgage payments, taxes, and maintenance costs. Those expenses are difficult, and sometimes impossible, to manage on a fixed income. Renting an apartment, on the other hand, is a much more affordable housing option.
  • Available Equity: Many seniors spend their lives building equity by owning real estate. As they age, they finally have the opportunity to take advantage of that investment. Freeing up home equity with an apartment for rent offers significant financial freedom.
  • Active Social Environment: The active senior apartments at Granite Hill are quiet and calm, and residents have the benefit of living near like-minded people of the same age. Neighbors quickly turn into friends throughout the entire community.
  • Added Amenities: In addition to friendly neighbors, senior apartments also come with several amenities. On-site laundry, private parking, and well-maintained public areas are just a few of the features that will enhance your living experience.

The apartments for rent through Murphy Properties are well-maintained, conveniently located, and always affordable. Call them at (860) 599-1980 to inquire about vacancies. You can also learn more about their active senior apartments by visiting their website.

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