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What Liquor Liability Insurance Covers May 18, 2017

Farmington, Hartford County
What Liquor Liability Insurance Covers, Farmington, Connecticut

If you operate a business, you probably have a standard commercial liability insurance policy that protects your business against many common accidents. However, if selling or serving liquor is part of your regular operations, you may need liquor liability insurance in addition to your workers’ compensation and personal liability insurance. North American Underwriters of Farmington, CT, offers this extra coverage for restaurants and bars that need to protect themselves from the unique risks that alcohol brings to the table.

This addendum to your commercial policy can provide protection in the following circumstances:

  • Medical Costs for Those Injured in a Fight: If a patron gets drunk and causes or is involved in a fight, they can hold your establishment liable for over serving them. Liquor liability insurance can cover the medical costs of the intoxicated person and those they injured in the brawl.
  • Cost of Defending the Company in a Law Suit: Current legislation in many states allows customers who got drunk at a bar or restaurant to prosecute the business for negligence. While few of the lawsuits are successful, they are expensive to defend against. Your liquor liability insurance can help cover those court and legal costs.
  • connecticut-liquor-liability-insuranceProtection for Your Servers: With appropriate sections added to the policy, your servers can be covered if someone wants to sue them personally. This helps create a positive working environment for your employees who may not be able to purchase personal liability insurance.

You’ll still need to comply with all rules and regulations that apply to the sale and serving of alcohol, but liquor liability protection can help your business survive our highly litigious society. To learn more about adding this to your business insurance coverage, call North American Underwriters in Farmington, CT, at (860) 674-4000 or visit their website for more information. 

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