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5 Tips for Preserving Wood Flooring in Historic Buildings May 8, 2017

Providence, Providence, RI
5 Tips for Preserving Wood Flooring in Historic Buildings, Providence, Rhode Island

There’s a reason hardwood floors are often associated with historic buildings. Wood has long been the most common material used for flooring in old homes and buildings in America, but because wood is an organic material, it does decay over time.

If you own a building with the original wood flooring, the team at American Floors in Riverside, RI, will help you preserve it. For more than 40 years, they have specialized in refinishing and installing hardwood floors for the residents of Rhode Island and southeastern Massachusetts.

Their skilled technicians recommend following these tips to preserve your property’s hardwood floors.

5 Tips for Preserving Wood Flooring in a Historic Building

1. Use Care When Covering Them

Rugs seem like a great way to protect your wood flooring until you consider the damage they can inadvertently cause. Often, homeowners will use double-sided tape or other adhesive materials to keep rugs from sliding, but this can actually damage your historic home’s flooring. Only use rugs made of natural materials that don’t have a sticky underside.

2. Use Furniture Pads

Furniture such as sofas and chairs will slide and scrape away the finish if they’re not on a rug or furniture pads. Any furniture that’s frequently sat on or used can cause wear and tear when moved.

3. Use Care With Mopping

wood flooringWater can seep into the seams of wood flooring and build up underneath the material, causing faster decay or a shift in the materials. Avoid using too much water and pouring the water directly onto your hardwood floors. Make sure any cleaner you use is appropriate for the type of wood and finish contained in your flooring.

4. Be Careful Restoring Your Flooring

Historic wood flooring must be handled gently, whether you’re refinishing it or restoring it. Sanding should only be used when there are hard stains to remove or if they can’t be stripped with chemicals. If paint needs to be removed, do it gently by hand using a scraper.

5. Replace Damaged Boards

Some parts of your wood flooring might be too damaged to restore and need to be replaced. This can be a difficult process and must be done carefully, so consult a professional for the best results.

The team at American Floors has the experience and knowledge to restore or replace any wood flooring in order to maintain the integrity of your historic home. Call (401) 433-0530 for a free consultation, or visit their website for more information. You can also connect with the company on Facebook.

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