Waikiki, Hawaii

When's the Best Time to Invest in a Hotel Timeshare? January 25, 2018

Waikiki, Honolulu
When's the Best Time to Invest in a Hotel Timeshare?, Honolulu, Hawaii

If you’re considering investing in a hotel timeshare, timing is key. With high-pressure sales tactics notoriously common, don’t push “go” before you’re ready. Knowing when to make a purchase not only saves money, but it also impacts your overall vacation experience. 

The Imperial Hawaii Resort, Honolulu’s premier timeshare property, shares the best times to take the plunge:

  • timeshareWhen Your Vacation Schedule Allows: With multiple property types available, your individual holiday schedule is an essential factor. If you can only travel during summer, try selecting a week-based property that offers a specific travel week each year. A fractional timeshare offers an entire season to visit your designated location, so choose any time during summer and enjoy the escape. Hawaii’s island climate makes it the ideal locale to invest in a timeshare, but your vacation schedule determines the best time to invest.
  • When You’re Ready: While you might be offered perks or a short-term stay, a timeshare isn’t a real-estate investment. You’re unlikely to make money selling the property, but you can always look forward to future vacations. If you have the funds, you can choose from options that allow you to travel the world, or settle on one go-to destination, such as a hotel you visit every year. The choice is up to you, but since resale value is low, don’t make the commitment until you’re ready to travel regularly.
  • When You Want to Give Others the Opportunity to Travel: Most properties provide a deed, meaning you can pass the investment onto your children. If you want to provide your kids with the thrill of travel, investing in a timeshare creates a fun future. While straight-up sales won’t earn you much, you can make money renting the property when it’s not in use, providing others with a fun-filled hotel experience and the amenities that accompany it. If you invest in a timeshare, make the most of it—use it, rent it, and pass it on to others.

If you’re considering a hotel timeshare, there’s no better destination than the Pacific paradise of The Imperial Hawaii Resort. Located just a block from the beach, you’ll receive unbeatable amenities and incredible fun. Visit the website to view your options, keep updated by following the luxury resort on Facebook, or call (808) 923-1827 to book your timeshare property today.

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