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Greenville Realtor Explains Top 3 Things You Can Do to Make the Moving Process Smoother on Children May 3, 2017

Greenville, Piedmont
Greenville Realtor Explains Top 3 Things You Can Do to Make the Moving Process Smoother on Children , Piedmont, Delaware

Moving generally evokes a mix of emotions. While it’s exciting to be entering a different chapter, the process of transitioning can also be quite stressful. This is especially true if you’re moving with children in tow. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to help make the experience go as smoothly as possible for your kids.

According to the realtors at McKee | Kubasko Group Real Estate in Greenville, DE, relocating to your new residence will be much easier on everyone if you utilize the following tips.

Realtor Offers 5 Tips for an Easier Move With Children

1. Keep Their Most Treasured Items on Hand

During the long, overwhelming process of packing, it may be easier to start tossing everything into boxes before going through it. However, make sure you separate your child’s daily essentials, as well as a few of their favorite toys. Being able to unpack these things as soon as you reach your destination will allow them to start feeling right at home.

2. Get Them Involved

realtorFeeling like they’re part of the process can go a long way in helping children get on board with the move. While you probably don’t want them packing your dishes, they can easily be in charge of small cleaning projects, boxing up stuffed animals, decorating packing materials, and choosing paint colors for their new room.

3. Minimize Change

Children are creatures of habit, and most thrive when they have a routine they can rely on. Upsetting this can make the move even more challenging for them to handle. As much as you can, keep meal and bedtimes the same, and consider placing their bedroom furniture in the same arrangement they had it in the old house.

There are many steps involved when buying or selling a house, and moving is one of them. Remember this when you start preparing your children for their new home, so they have time to adjust to the idea. To speak with a realtor about your current or future real estate goals, contact McKee | Kubasko Group Real Estate at (302) 351-5000. You can also visit them online to learn how they’ve helped many people make a successful transition. 

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