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5 Reasons to Hire an Attorney for a Workers' Compensation Issue May 17, 2017

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5 Reasons to Hire an Attorney for a Workers' Compensation Issue, Coram, Montana

In some cases, workers' compensation is straightforward. You're injured, your employer notifies their insurance company, and your medical costs are appropriately covered. But other times, things don't go so smoothly. If you're involved in a workers' comp claim, you may not need an accident lawyer, but Bothe And Lauridsen in Columbia Falls, MT, recommends hiring an attorney if you're in any of the following situations.

5 Reasons to Hire a Workers’ Compensation Attorney

1. Your Employer Isn't Cooperating

After a workplace injury, your employer is responsible for reporting the incident and starting you down the path to receiving compensation. If you're being ignored or pressured not to report your injury, you need an attorney.

2. Your Medical Treatment Is Expensive

A workplace accident may leave you with a minor sprain—or with an injury that will affect your health for the rest of your life. If you sustain a major injury that will be costly to treat or will impact your ability to work, proceeding without an attorney means risking your long-term financial well-being.

3. You've Been Offered a Settlement

workers' compensationGenerally, if your employer or their insurance company is offering to settle, it's because they believe they'll pay less in the long run by granting you a lump sum now. A lawyer can help you weigh any settlement offer you receive against the chance of obtaining more in court.

4. You Aren't Receiving Your Benefits on Time

After an agreement has been reached or a verdict passed, if you aren't receiving the workers' compensation benefits owed to you, an attorney can help you recover the funds. Sometimes, all it takes is one letter.

5. Someone Else Has Involved a Lawyer

Anytime you're facing a lawyer for any reason, you should have one of your own. Even if the truth is on your side, a good attorney on the other side can tip the balance. To prevent this, hire legal representation.

If you need a lawyer in a workers' compensation case, Bothe And Lauridsen offers experienced, dedicated representation. Call them at (406) 892-2193 or contact them online to arrange a consultation.

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