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5 Ways to Save Water & Your Septic Tank May 5, 2017

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5 Ways to Save Water & Your Septic Tank, Gig Harbor Peninsula, Washington

The septic inspection professionals at Hemley’s Septic in Gig Harbor, WA, know that running a household is no small cost, especially with today’s rising utility prices. Because of this, they’ve compiled a few septic tank maintenance and water-saving tips that will help you get the most out of your monthly water bill, in addition to ensuring your septic system lasts for many years to come. 

For those who want to capitalize on their water usage, here are five ways to save water and your septic system at the same time:

  • septic-tankWhen Cleaning Outside, Use a Broom: Many homeowners are in the habit of washing off the patio or hosing down the garage and driveway, but it isn’t always necessary. Unless you’ve got major stains you need to scrub away, the professionals at Hemley’s Septic Tank recommend substituting the hose for the broom, which will allow you to minimize water usage.
  • Regular Maintenance: One way you can ensure you’re getting the most bang for your buck when it comes to the water bill is by investing in the maintenance services of a certified septic tank and plumbing professional. They can also help you catch any septic system problems before they get out of hand. 
  • Take Shorter Showers: Reducing the amount of time in your shower is a great way to save water and minimize the stress placed upon your septic system and leach field. You’ll be surprised at how much cutting just five minutes from your daily shower routine can reduce your monthly water bill. 
  • Modify Toilets: Modifying your toilets or investing in low-flush mechanisms is a great way to save water and reduce wear and tear on your septic tank. Many of the low-flow products on the market can minimize the amount of water you use while keeping flushing power the same, making it a relatively easy change to adjust to. 
  • Use a Spray Pistol With the Hose: By attaching a spray pistol to the end of your hose, you’ll be able to turn the nozzle of the hose on and off when not using it, ensuring that there will be no wasted water. Additionally, this will reduce the amount of runoff that enters your septic system’s leach field, which can become clogged if it receives too much water. 

Hemley’s Septic wants you to get the most out of your monthly water bill, so to learn more about how to increase the efficiency of your home, contact them today at (800) 699-7854. You can also visit them online for additional septic plumbing tips and a closer look at the services they offer. 

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