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House Hunting in Central NH? 3 Tips for Making a List of Pros & Cons May 8, 2017

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House Hunting in Central NH? 3 Tips for Making a List of Pros & Cons, Pittsfield, New Hampshire

When you are house hunting, there are a lot of factors to consider before going under contract. In addition to evaluating the neighborhood, you might also be concerned about the school district, the neighbors down the street, or even the paint color on the walls. To make sense of things, many buyers sit down and create a list of property pros and cons to help them to decide what to do. Here are three helpful tips for making a pros and cons list.

house huntingDon’t Obsess Over Details

Sometimes when buyers walk through a home, they become fixated on small details that are easy to change. For example, you might not love the color of those cabinets or the checkered backsplash in the kitchen, although the rest of the property might be the perfect fit your family. When you make your pros and cons list, try to avoid listing things that are easy to change such as paint colors, tile, or décor choices.

Consider Your Future Needs & Preferences

When you evaluate a property, don’t forget to carefully consider your future needs. For example, that pool might seem like a pro now, but when you have children, it might become a huge liability. Thinking carefully about the future might help you make a pros and cons list that helps you to prioritize home features.

Ask Your Realtor for Advice

Sometimes buyers have trouble making pros and cons lists because they are unfamiliar with the house hunting process. If you feel frustrated, take the time to sit down with your real estate agent to talk about the homes you are considering. Your agent might be able to share valuable insights that can help you to decide what is important to you.


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