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How Water Removal Experts Restore & Dry Concrete May 15, 2017

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How Water Removal Experts Restore & Dry Concrete, Shenandoah, West Virginia

When your home suffers from water damage, it’s not uncommon for water removal professionals to assume concrete areas are dry when the rest of the home has been dried. However, according to the experts at Blue Ridge Property Restore in Martinsburg, WV, this is often not the case. Concrete is actually much harder to dry than most other materials within a home, and if it is not allowed to completely dry, any new floor coverings placed on top of it can be ruined.

This is why it is so important to work with a water removal company who has plenty of proven experience restoring concrete. Below are the methods and tools they might employ to ensure the concrete in your home has completely dried.

Humidity Chamber or Box

The most efficient technique used on concrete by today’s water removal experts is the humidity chamber. It’s placed on the concrete and used to absorb the moisture released by the concrete. Inside the chamber, a thermo-hydrometer determines if your concrete has reached equilibrium humidity — the point at which it is neither gaining nor losing moisture.

Low Grain Refrigerants & Desiccants

water removalTo increase the rate of moisture evaporation inside the concrete, a water damage restoration team will probably use either a Low Grain Refrigerant (LGR) or Desiccant (a substance for inducing a state of dryness) dehumidifier. This process is often needed if the concrete’s equilibrium is above 60% (72% is good enough for installing carpet and 70% for wooden floors), but it is typically not required if the humidity of the room is below 50%. However, both of these dehumidifiers are capable of going much lower.

If your home ever develops extensive water damage, don’t hesitate to call in the expert water removal team at Blue Ridge Property Restore. They will ensure your home is thoroughly dried before restorations are started. For a free estimate, call them today at (304) 262-8100. You can also learn more about their disaster cleanup services by visiting their website and Facebook page.

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