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River Valley Air Conditioning has expanded their business and is currently operating from two locations. Duane "Tiger" Kramer, the oldest grandson is the general manager of the Needles, CA. branch which covers the tri-state area of California, Arizona and Nevada.

4 FAQs About Programmable Thermostats  April 24, 2017

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4 FAQs About Programmable Thermostats , Needles, California

Leaving your air conditioning on all day will raise your energy bills, but leaving it off when you’re at work will make your house hot and uncomfortable. The professionals from River Valley Air Conditioning in Needles, CA, and Kingman, AZ, know how hard it can be to find the right balance, so they specialize in programmable thermostats and home automation systems. To help you understand their these cutting-edge products and services, they’ve answered a few of their clients’ most frequently asked questions.

Why Should I Buy a Programmable Thermostat? 

thermostat Needles CAThese high-tech devices are easy to use. Using your smartphone or tablet, you can set your desired temperature and program your air conditioner to adjust based on when you’ll be home. Many thermostat apps also offer weekly or monthly energy usage breakdowns that can be sent directly to your mobile device. 

Do I Need a New Air Conditioner?

Most central air conditioning systems, as well as some ductless systems, are compatible with programmable thermostats. However, not all air conditioning systems are, so have your air conditioning technician inspect your unit to make sure it will work with the thermostat you want to buy. 

What Are the Benefits of Installing a New Thermostat? 

If your energy bills are increasing and your air conditioning unit isn’t working as well as it used to, investing in a programmable thermostat may help you address those issues. Installing a new programmable thermostat gives you more control over your home’s heating and cooling equipment, allowing you to program it from anywhere you have a wireless or data connection. This helps reduce your energy usage and expenses.

How Do I Install a Programmable Thermostat? 

Although programmable thermostats are easy to install, integrating it into your heating and cooling system should be left to the professionals at River Valley Air Conditioning. 

Take control of your energy use and costs this year. River Valley Air Conditioning’s technicians can install a new programmable thermostat in your home. Call (760)326-3020 for the Needles location or (928) 718-2520 for the Kingman location or visit their website to learn more about their affordable automation solutions.

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