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3 Benefits of Granite Countertops May 4, 2017

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3 Benefits of Granite Countertops, Jackson, California

If you’re researching kitchen countertop options, Accents In Tile And Stone in Jackson, CA, recommends familiarizing yourself with granite. When this high quality stone is installed correctly by an experienced contractor, you can guarantee that granite countertops will provide your kitchen with a beautiful, sanitary and resilient surface for years to come—especially when compared to other less desirable materials like laminate.

To discover why granite countertops are the best option available, check out these reasons why homeowners choose to install this all-natural stone in their home:

  • Easy Maintenance: While some countertop materials require special maintenance tasks, granite is extremely easy to take care of. To clean, use warm water and a soft cloth. Since granite is a repairable stone, you can always ask a contractor to fix any chips or restore the surface, if needed.
  • granite countertopsHigh Durability: Once installed, you can ask the contracting company to apply a sealant for added protection. As long as you clean the surface regularly and exercise caution with liquids, hot pans and heavy items, your granite countertop will last for decades.
  • Added Value: Unlike laminate and other lower quality countertop materials, granite is viewed as an extremely valuable surface. If you want to make a long-term investment in your kitchen and increase your home value, then installing granite countertops is an excellent way to do so.

As a reliable, attractive and healthy countertop material, granite is one of the most sought-after surfaces in the building and remodeling industry. To learn more about Accents In Tile And Stone and find out why they’ve been the area’s premier contracting company for more than 25 years, call (209) 822-6600 or visit them online for a complete list of products and services, ranging from tile flooring and countertop installation to home restoration work.

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