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How to Reduce Stress and Be Happy April 20, 2017

Pelican Bay, Naples
How to Reduce Stress and Be Happy, Naples, Florida

Stress and anxiety are on the rise and reaching epidemic levels. Are you a sufferer?  Or are you even aware of the toll being taken on your life?  Jordan didn’t realize how his drive for success at his job was all consuming. He was working overtime trying to meet everyone’s needs and, in the process, he was neglecting himself and his own needs. At 42, he had a heart attack.

Are you experiencing tell-tale signs like insomnia, indigestion, headaches, panic attacks?  These are all symptoms of chronic stress that should not be ignored. Renowned life coach Peggy Sealfon from Stonewater Studio says: “Don’t wait for an illness or an accident to stop you in your tracks.  Become more aware of choices in your life now and opt for more balance. You can learn to recognize and change depleting patterns of behavior.

To that end, Peggy Sealfon wrote her best-selling book Escape From Anxiety—Supercharge Your Life With Powerful Strategies From A to Z as a resource to help people navigate life’s challenges more effortlessly. She explains: “I’ve been there. I used to be constantly worried, depressed, overwhelmed. So I trained and certified in a vast range of methods that I found beneficial and have included them in these pages.” 

Drawing from her experiences and expertise, Sealfon has provided easy-to-use techniques (she calls “interrupters”) that stop the habits of chronic stress and anxiety. The time-tested strategies are neatly arranged from A to Z in an accessible way. Sealfon suggests: “By selecting and practicing any of these techniques daily, you develop keener skills to evolve and allow yourself to experience your expansiveness rather than succumb to limitations created by unrelenting stress and anxiety.”

Over 100 cutting-edge techniques
The books offers over 100 ways you can ease your mind. Some of the techniques include energy focus, deep breathing, improved nutrition, the right kinds of exercise, visualizations, and so much more. “It’s important to experiment and find which techniques resonate with you and which ones truly work. That’s how you can build your personal foundation of coping skills,” notes Sealfon.

Use affirmations to shift from worry and fear
One technique sprinkled throughout the book consists of affirmations, positive statements that introduce each chapter and provide a simple method to refocus your mind in more constructive ways. For instance, Chapter 7 is about Sleep and begins with the affirmation: “I feel restored, rejuvenated. I embrace the day.”  Or Chapter 10 begins with “I am on an effortless journey that flows in alignment with natural universal energies.” Even if you do not consciously believe a statement, by reciting it several times you release an energetic and harmonious impact on the body and brain. The practice can quickly activate the relaxation response which immediately calms the nervous system. “When you are more relaxed, you can see solutions to challenges more easily,” asserts Sealfon adding: “and you feel empowered.”  The book also includes an understanding of the connection between neuroscience and mental health.

Escape from Anxiety by Peggy Sealfon is available in paperback or ebook through Amazon and Barnes & Noble (and at select bookstores). The former CEO of NAMI, National Alliance on Mental Illness commented that this book is “a must read! Written from the heart, full of practical advice.” If you’d like an autographed copy and free shipping,  you can order directly from the publisher

For more information about releasing stress and anxiety, visit Peggy Sealfon’s  website (where you can find free tools you can to use today!) For more on personal development and the Integrated Life Coaching System, visit If you have a question for Peggy,


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How to Reduce Stress and Be Happy , Naples, Florida
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