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When to Consider Rain Gutter Installation vs. Repairs April 27, 2017

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When to Consider Rain Gutter Installation vs. Repairs, Honolulu, Hawaii

Rain gutters are an important part of your home’s defense against water damage to your building's interior, foundation, and landscaping. Dependable rain gutter installation and repair are integral to fortifying your defenses, but sometimes it’s not easy to know which of the two is the right choice. Amakua Rain Gutters, the gutter cleaning, maintenance, and installation experts in Honolulu, HI, explain how to tell whether you need new gutters or can repair the old ones. 

When to Consider Rain Gutter Repair

If damage to your rain gutters is contained to only one or two trough sections or a single downspout, it makes sense to repair or replace those sections and leave the rest of the system intact, especially if you have an expensive copper system. Small holes or cracks over a couple of sections are not difficult to repair with some rubbing alcohol and gutter sealant. However, numerous large holes in multiple troughs may not be worth the effort. A single leaking joint can also be repaired easily, but if many joints are still leaking after you've already attempted repairs, it may be time to consider gutter replacement.

When to Schedule New Rain Gutter Installation

rain gutter installationIf you experience basement flooding or pooling water and soil erosion near your foundation, it is time to install a new system. Likewise, if the trim near your roof and around windows and doors is rotting, your current gutters are not functioning properly. Finally, if the entire gutter system is cracked, leaking, or pulling away from its mounts, it is time to consider new rain gutter installation.

Amakua Rain Gutters, the premier gutter cleaning and repair service on the island of Oahu, offers fast, reliable service at a price you can afford. Visit their website for contact details, or call (808) 258-6994 to talk to a helpful, courteous professional about rain gutter installation.

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