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Do You Need Land Clearing Services for Your Summer Project? April 25, 2017

Milton, Northumberland
Do You Need Land Clearing Services for Your Summer Project?, Milton, Pennsylvania

As we enter the spring and summer months, we're drawn outdoors to our yards, patios, and porches. Warmer months are also an opportunity to carry out the project we’ve imagined all winter. Putting in a playground, installing a beautiful patio, or building a gazebo are just some of the ways people can turn their backyards into compelling, practical extensions of their homes. 

Travis Monk Tree Service, based in Milton, Pennsylvania, provides dependable tree removal and land clearing services to Union and Northumberland counties. With experience in tree cutting and stump removal to cabling and bracing, they know what goes into clearing the land for a major project.

Whether you're a homeowner looking to transform your yard or a business hoping to expand, land clearing may be the first step toward realizing your goal. There are a few things to consider when thinking about land clearing for your upcoming project: 

  • Save Time and Money Up Front: By investing in land clearing services before beginning your summer project, you're guaranteeing a smoother process. Having a fully cleared property means your project isn’t interrupted by trees, shrubs, and underbrush getting in the way.  
  • land clearingExpand Your Backyard: Whatever summer project you have in mind, land clearing can ensure you have the most space with which to work. Not only will these services clear the lot, but in many cases, they also increase the size of your yard. 
  • View Sharper Vistas: If you're planning on installing a patio or porch in your yard, you’ll want to have a view that complements it. Land clearing services can unlock the potential of your property by removing trees and underbrush obstructing otherwise great views. 

Summer is everyone's favorite season to get outside and pursue their dream projects. Before embarking on them, though, consider the time and effort you'll save by investing in land clearing services. Travis Monk Tree Service wants to help you achieve your summer project goals. Visit their website to see a summary of their services, or give them a call at (570) 490-4634. 

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