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Metal Recycling Pros on the Need to Reduce Waste September 1, 2017

Rochester, Monroe
Metal Recycling Pros on the Need to Reduce Waste, Rochester, New York

According to the EPA, the United States’ recycling rate is at 34.3%. While this represents a dramatic improvement from 50 years ago—when it was a mere 6.2%—it still means that nearly two-thirds of all recyclable materials in the country wind up in a landfill. Because of this, the metal recycling pros at Metalico Rochester encourage people to bring more of their recyclable materials to the scrap yard. It’s a smart way to make money and save the planet at the same time.

Metal Recycling Experts Explain the Trash Crisis

Metal recyclingTo get a better idea of what these statistics mean, consider this: the average American family generates enough waste material in one year that, were it stacked up, would be as tall as the Golden Gate Bridge. The amount of waste generated by the country during an average year would be enough to stretch to the moon and back! Actually, it would stretch to the moon and back 25 times.

That’s why it’s crucial to recycle your scrap metal and similar materials. Unfortunately, the manufacturing and metal fabrication processes use up a lot of energy, depleting key resources that can’t be renewed. However, by working together to encourage metal recycling and similar practices, we can substantially decrease the amount of waste generated in America. 

How Metal Recycling Benefits You

On top of that, many scrap yards are happy to pay cash for car parts, appliances, and any other metal items you were planning to throw out. While helping to save the planet, you can also pocket some extra cash. Set aside a day each season to go through the items you were planning on discarding and see if they’re recyclable.

If so, the team at Metalico Rochester of Monroe County, NY, will be glad to take them off your hands. Contact them online for more info, or call (585) 436-0713 today to speak with an environmentally conscious expert.

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