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What Household Items Can Be Used in Metal Recycling? July 15, 2017

Rochester, Monroe
What Household Items Can Be Used in Metal Recycling?, Rochester, New York

You already know that you should recycle your bottles and cans, but did you know you can recycle other household items? Metalico Rochester in New York focuses on metal recycling to turn scrap metal in old appliances, furniture, and fixtures back into usable materials. Aside from your aluminum cans, Metalico Rochester accepts all types of nonhazardous metal items.

Before you toss your old lawn chairs onto the curb, check to see what they're made of. If they're starting to rust, you probably have iron on your hands; if they're a lighter metal, they may be aluminum. A metal recycling facility can send either one to a mill to be made into new items, rather than taking up space in a landfill.

Some household items do need special treatment before Metalico Rochester can accept them for metal recycling. Refrigerators, freezers, and air conditioners need to be drained of Freon® before they can be processed safely, and gas-powered equipment like lawn mowers and weed whackers need to be emptied. However, once they've been prepared, these machines are great sources of scrap metal.

metal recyclingEven items which aren't processed into a new form can still be useful. A scrap yard can be an excellent place to find car parts which are no longer in production or cheaper than those from other sources. All those parts come from old, discarded cars.

Next time you have a bulky item to send to the dump, stop and ask yourself if it can be recycled. The answer is probably yes—so call Metalico Rochester in New York at (585) 436-0713 to arrange a pickup, or go online to learn more. You can also like them on Facebook for up-to-date news and information on metal recycling.

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