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3 Reasons Why Septic Maintenance Is Important April 24, 2017

Newberg, Yamhill
3 Reasons Why Septic Maintenance Is Important, Newberg, Oregon

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), your septic tank should be inspected every three months. Depending on the size of your household and septic tank, along with the amount of wastewater generated, you will also need to schedule regular pumping. Rather than ignoring your tank and paying for the consequences, American On Site in Molalla and Newberg, OR, urges their clients to develop a routine septic maintenance schedule for your residential or commercial property.

Why Regular Septic Maintenance Is Necessary

1. Prevent Property Damage

When a septic system is damaged, wastewater could leak onto your property and damage your landscaping or structure. A septic maintenance technician can help avoid these disasters by inspecting the tank and spotting any problems before they lead to serious issues, like tank failure, sewage backup, or a flooded drain field.

2. Protect Your Family

septic maintenancePumping your tank is an important septic maintenance task that should not be forgotten. An overfilled tank can cause raw sewage to backup into your home. Homeowners will not realize this is happening until wastewater overflows in your drains and toilets, thus flooding your bathroom and kitchen. This is particularly risky for you and your loved ones, as exposure to sewage is a health hazard.

3. Extend Tank Life

A small crack in your septic tank can be repaired by a septic maintenance company — if it’s spotted soon enough. Hiring a professional to inspect and clean out your system ensures that it’s operating correctly and efficiently without any signs of damage. Ultimately, this keeps your property, family, and plumbing system safe.

Septic maintenance is an important aspect of keeping up your property. To learn more about American On Site, call (503) 829-7600 or visit them online for a complete list of services, including septic tank cleaning, inspecting, and repairs.

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