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Madness at Midnight: What You Need to Know About this Hot New Indie Board Game April 21, 2017

Seven Hills, South Aurora
Madness at Midnight: What You Need to Know About this Hot New Indie Board Game, South Aurora, Colorado

If you’re looking for the latest strategy game to play with your friends and family, check out Madness at Midnight, the latest indie board game from Mr. B Games of Aurora, CO. The game launched in April 2017, so you may not have heard about this new Lovecraftian horror-themed game from one of the industry’s most innovative teams.

For over a decade, Mr. B. Games has specialized in designing and publishing challenging strategy and indie board games. The company was founded by avid gamers and Madness at Midnight is the latest example of their passion for the art of gaming.

indie board game Aurora COTo play Madness at Midnight, two to four players compete to become the first to accumulate 13 Victory Points by successfully completing plots and cult ceremonies to dominate the powerful locations of Arkham. Although winning is the goal, players most tread carefully in the world of the game—in addition to battling each other, players must evade dangerous investigators.

Each player controls a cult and uses a set of Action Dice to move cultists, activate location abilities, and even initiate fights with other cults. Players can re-roll their Action Dice to gain more power, but, the more it’s done, the madder the cult gets—and that makes it harder to achieve your goals.

For an even more exciting challenge, the locations in Arkham change during the game depending on the moon’s phases. Whether you want to dominate these locations or just use them as a staging ground, this constant shifting keeps you on your toes and pushes you to reformulate your strategy throughout the game.

Madness at Midnight is sure to entertain players and transport them to another world for hours. Feeling up to the challenge of this new indie board game? Visit Mr. B Games online or call (720) 436-3483 to find out where you can purchase a copy.