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An E-Cig Timeline: The History of Electronic Cigarettes April 21, 2017

Tylersville, West Chester
An E-Cig Timeline: The History of Electronic Cigarettes, West Chester, Ohio

An electronic cigarette, or e-cig, is a handheld device that turns a flavored liquid into vapor. Thought to be healthier than directly smoking a cigarette, an electronic cigarette vaporizes a liquid that is typically composed of nicotine, glycerine, glycol, propylene, and an assortment of flavors. However, the e-cigarette didn’t always start out this way. The device has been in the works since the 1960s, and here’s how it came to be.


The initial conception of the e-cig can be dated back to the 1960s. In 1963, a U.S. Patent was created for an early iteration of the electronic cigarette. An American named Herbert Gilbert applied for the patent, and it was approved in 1965. Although today’s electronic cigarettes are essentially the same as Gilbert’s original model, his technology didn’t catch on during the ‘60s. This is probably because actual cigarettes were still very popular and heavily advertised, during the time, so the American public wasn’t easily convinced to buy the new gadget.

Early 2000s

e-cigIt wasn’t until 2001 that the electronic cigarette started to gain momentum. Hon Lik, a Chinese man working as a pharmacist in research, is generally accepted to have developed the modern day e-cig. He designed the current technology that allows the device to vaporize the nicotine-based liquid. His intention was to replace cigarettes with a portable, less harmful alternative, as his father passed away from lung cancer and was a heavy cigarette smoker. In 2003, his product was patented and heavily popularized in China. The device soon entered the international market and became well known around the world.


Tobacco companies around the world thought that e-cigs would be a fast fad, but the product has proven itself here to stay. Currently, many large tobacco companies produce their own version of the electronic cigarette, and there are countless vape shops open that sell both these products and those manufactured by smaller companies. Electronic cigarettes are seen as a viable alternative for smokers to reduce the harmful smoke they inhale from standard cigarettes.

If you’re looking for electronic cigarettes in southern Ohio, Cloud 9 Vapor Lounge in West Chester has everything you need. Browse through their list of products via their website or call (513) 874-8273 to speak with an employee. If you reside in Ohio, you should know that state government is trying to pass new laws to limit the sales of electronic cigarettes with excessive taxation. If you want to support the vaping industry, please consider calling your state Congressional representatives to contest these proposals.

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