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3 Reasons Reading Is Important for Child Development April 20, 2017

St. Peters, St. Charles
3 Reasons Reading Is Important for Child Development, St. Peters, Missouri

Children’s minds are like sponges during the first few years of their lives. They pick up habits, learn the phrases they hear, and begin forming their personalities. Encouraging kids to read for pleasure can boost child development, providing valuable skills that will help them succeed.

There are three reasons you should read to your child and teach them to love reading independently.

Improves Communication Skills

Not only are you bonding with your child when you read together, but you’re also teaching them interpersonal skills. When kids listen and read along, they learn to themselves in a healthy way. Choose stories that promote positive messages and allow equal opportunities for male and female characters—this will help your child build strong relationships and to handle conflict in a productive way.

Teaches Basic Language & Speech

child development St. Charles MOLanguage acquisition is one of the most important parts of child development. Reading offers children a new way to learn words and phrases. Research shows that reading to toddlers increases their vocabularies and prepares them for school. Similarly, reading to kids not only helps with language, but also with logical thinking patterns. The ability to analyze cause and effect can be developed through early reading.

Prepares Them for Education

In addition to valuing the time they spend reading with you, your child will also develop a love of learning. Instilling a passion for curiosity and knowledge early in your child’s life is the key to lifelong success. Children whose parents read to them as toddlers become better students and excel in the workforce, so why not take this simple yet effective approach to child development?


Want to instill a love of reading and learning in your child? Visit Great Beginnings  in St. Charles and Cottleville, MO. At this child development center, your child will begin exploring practical learning tools while having fun simultaneously. For more information about enrollment, call (636) 724-5048 St. Charles or (636) 936-8400 Cottleville. Like the center on Facebook to keep up with their activities.

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