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5 Fun Facts From Honolulu's Favorite Ice Maker Repair Team April 20, 2017

Honolulu, Honolulu
5 Fun Facts From Honolulu's Favorite Ice Maker Repair Team, Honolulu, Hawaii

If you’re the type of person who enjoys a crisp cocktail on a hot day, then you likely use a lot of ice. However, the professionals at Pacific Ice Services in Honolulu, HI, want you to know that ice as we know it hasn’t been around forever. Until the ice maker was invented, ice companies actually cut apart frozen lakes and bodies of water to help keep your drinks chilled and your food from spoiling. In fact, there are quite a few things about ice you probably didn’t know, so Pacific Ice Services has compiled some fun facts for you below. 

Here are five facts about ice that are bound to surprise you: 

  • The Ice Machine Was Built in 1844: The world’s first ice maker was built nearly 200 years ago by a physician who wanted to use the machine to cool down his patients with yellow fever. However, it faced a heavy smear campaign by then ice magnate Frederic Tudor. It’s creator, John Gorrie, passed away, never escaping poverty and obscurity to see how his invention would change the world. 
  • Ice Made Mass Food Production Possible: Before the ice maker was invented, food spoiled relatively quickly, making it difficult to produce and store perishables in bulk quantities. However, the invention of the ice maker and modern refrigerator revolutionized the food production industry. 
  • ice-makersIce Holds the Key to Life: Ice that’s found in space can contain evidence that life at one time existed on other planets. Mars, for example, has been reported to contain signs of briny seawater somewhere on the planet, which means it may have supported life at one time. 
  • Ice Tells Us the History of Our Planet: One way scientists study our planet is by taking ice core samples that are hundreds of thousands of years old. By analyzing particles found in the samples, scientists can learn about the conditions of the earth, as well as study it for future climate issues. 
  • Dry Ice Isn’t Made of Water: Ever had a box of steaks or ice cream delivered to your home? Often, such items are packed with dry ice to keep them frozen. However, dry ice isn’t ice at all, but frozen carbon dioxide, which is why it emits smoke when added to water; that’s the gas returning to its natural state. 

If you’re in need of quality refrigeration services or ice machine repairs, the professionals at Pacific Ice Services always does a first-rate job, so contact them today at (808) 839-6839. You can also visit them online to learn more about their preventative maintenance plans. 

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