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How to Incorporate Aquatic Exercises in Swim Spas April 28, 2017

Denver, Denver, CO
How to Incorporate Aquatic Exercises in Swim Spas, Denver, Colorado

There’s a reason why swim spas have become so popular: They offer the luxury and relaxation of a hot tub and the cardiac benefits of a swimming pool. Swim spa retailers, like Hot Tub Outlet in Southwest Littleton, CO, enjoy showing customers how swim spas create a water current to swim and exercise against, providing a full-body workout in a soothing water environment.

It’s easy to incorporate aquatic exercises in a swim spa:

  • Kicking: Using a kickboard is a fun and effective way to get a solid cardio workout while building the muscles in your core and legs. Hold onto a kickboard, and swim against the water current while kicking your legs.
  • swimming dumbbellLifting Weights: Find dumbbell water weights that are comfortable enough to carry but provide some resistance while working out. Walk against the water while holding one dumbbell water weight in each arm. Extending your arms in front of you, slowly raise each dumbbell from waist-level to chest-level. Aim to complete ten repetitions with each arm. 
  • Jogging: Jogging in place in the water provides all the benefits of a traditional run without the impact on your bones and joints. Simply jog in place against the water current of the river jet..
  • Cycling: You can get a great lower body workout by relaxing your back against the side of the swim spa, extending your arms to grasp the edge, and creating a cycling motion with your legs.  This can also be done by sitting in one of the jetted seats with arms extended behind.
  • Rowing:  Use resistance rowing equipment (included with the swim spa) while sitting in the rowing seat to increase arm strength and tone. 

Swim spas are the ideal addition to any backyard, whether you want to soothe your tired, achy muscles after a long day, relax with friends, or get in a solid cardiovascular workout. If you want to learn more about the benefits of swim spas from a knowledgeable, local retailer in a no-pressure sales environment, visit Hot Tub Outlet in Southwest Littleton. Learn more about the wide variety of high-quality hot tubs, saunas, (both traditional and infrared) and swim spas by calling (720) 296-2518 or visiting them online

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