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4 Tips for Easy Oriental Rug Cleaning From Pearl City's Best Cleaners April 20, 2017

Pearl City, Ewa
4 Tips for Easy Oriental Rug Cleaning From Pearl City's Best Cleaners, Ewa, Hawaii

Flip through the pages of “Architectural Digest” or browse the showroom of an interior design store and you’re bound to see an ornate oriental rug covering the floor. Known for their rich colors and unique designs, these staples can be spotted in homes all over the world.

Oriental rugs can also be an investment, so you’ll need to know how to extend their longevity before purchasing. Oriental rug cleaning is simple once you have a few of the basics down. The professional carpet cleaners at Bears Carpet Care in Pearl City, HI, has four tips on how to keep your carpet looking brand new throughout the years.

4 Tips for Easy Oriental Rug Cleaning

1. Check the Label

Sometimes, the answer for oriental rug cleaning is right there in front of you. Many carpets have a label sewn into the corner that will provide directions for the best cleaning method based on its material. Care instructions will vary depending on whether the carpet is made out of silk, wool, cotton, or some type of synthetic material. Generally, cotton and wool rugs are the easiest to clean.

2. Sweep Your Rug First

Your broom isn’t restricted to cleaning your wooden or tile floors. Using a sturdy broom with straw bristles, sweep your rug in only one direction, going from end to end. Avoid rubbing the broom back and forth, which can damage your rug.

3. Be Mindful of Vacuuming

oriental rug cleaningFollow sweeping by passing over your rug with a vacuum. Vacuuming your carpet regularly will help extend its lifespan, but be cautious of overdoing it. Modern vacuums can be too powerful to use on some oriental rugs. Avoid vacuuming your rug every day; instead, aim for once or twice a week. Consider opting for a canister vacuum that is set to the least abrasive level, and use a side-to-side pattern when vacuuming.

4. Wash Your Rugs Every 2–3 Years

Even with the most dedicated maintenance, every carpet should be cleaned at least every two to three years to prevent dulling. Foot traffic will encourage dust that isn’t beaten, swept, or washed away to embed itself further and further into the fibers of the rug. In a few years, this will cause even the most expensive rug to go bare.

Have a cleaning job that’s better left to the professionals? Bears Carpet Care is Oahu’s most trusted team for carpet cleaning and maintenance care. They have more than 15 years of experience and employ certified technicians who will bring your carpet back to life. Whether you need an oriental rug cleaning, pet odor removal, or carpet repair, Bears Carpet Care will help. Learn more about their services online or call (808) 455-6174 for a free quote. You can also find the company on Facebook.

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