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Effective Court Reporting: 3 Tips for Attorneys April 26, 2017

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Effective Court Reporting: 3 Tips for Attorneys, Honolulu, Hawaii

Deposition records can make or break a case. If you want to provide your client’s with the best legal counsel possible, you need to hire the most qualified court reporter you can. Ralph Rosenberg-Court Reporters in Honolulu, HI, is the largest court reporting firm on the islands, and they offer transcription services that can help you win contentious legal battles. Read on to learn how you can make every transcription from them count.

3 Court Reporting Tips for Attorneys

1. Identify Yourself

If the reporter does not know who you are or what your relations to the plaintiff and defendant are, your dialogue could be attributed to an unidentified speaker. To ensure everything you say is attributed correctly, identify yourself to the court reporter when you begin. If you are having a telephone meeting, make sure you identify yourself every time you speak.

2. Clarify Everything

court reportingWhen it comes to certain names, numbers, and acronyms, it is important to enunciate, but it is also important to clarify. For example, saying “April-nineteen-ninety-two” could be interpreted as either April, 1992, or April 19, ’92. Such errors might seem minor, but depending on the context, they could have major repercussions.

3. Avoid Interrupting

When more than one person speaks simultaneously, it can be difficult for the reporter to identify and attribute everything that was said. Aside from stopping a witness who is about to give inadmissible testimony, you should try to avoid speaking at the same time as anyone else during the deposition.

As an attorney, you have an obligation to your clients to ensure the record is clear and accurate. You can do this by following the tips above and relying on the experienced team at Ralph Rosenberg-Court Reporters in Honolulu, HI. Check out their website to view more information on their court reporting services, and call (808) 524-2090 to discuss your transcription or meeting needs today.

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