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Core Aeration: 3 Things Every Landscaping Enthusiast Should Know April 20, 2017

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Core Aeration: 3 Things Every Landscaping Enthusiast Should Know, Cromwell, Connecticut

Sometimes, your lawn requires a little help to stay green and beautiful. Core aeration can be one of the best choices to make regarding lawn care if thatch or a severe grass/debris buildup has become an issue. This process consists of removing plugs of soil from the ground; determine if aeration is what your lawn needs to maintain a lush appearance that increases curb appeal.

Here are three things you should know about core aeration:

Why You Should Aerate Your Lawn

Compacted soil refers to packed down land due to foot traffic, equipment use, vehicle parking, or any other reason preventing vital nutrients, water, and oxygen from reaching your lawn’s root system. It provides circulation, so the root system doesn’t starve, causing beautiful green grass blades to turn brown.

How to Aerate Your Lawn

core-aerationLawn aeration occurs via plug or spike aerator tools. Discuss the best tool with your lawn care team, as spike aerators simply poke holes in the ground while plug aerators remove cores (plugs) of soil. Plug aerators able to remove two to three inches of soil per plug are generally best for increasing circulation.

Spike aerators may have the opposite effect and further compact your soil. Core aeration is most effective when your lawn is damp or moist, as it is challenging to remove severely-dry soil. Once the plugs have dried on your lawn, they must be broken up with a rake or lawn mower.

When to Aerate Your Lawn

Growing season is the ideal time for core aeration. It provides your lawn with the opportunity to restore itself and fill in the resulting gaps as necessary. If your lawn features mainly cool-season grasses, aerate in early spring or fall for best results. If your lawn is mostly comprised of warm-weather grasses, commission core aeration during the last weeks of spring.

Discuss your core aeration plan with the experienced, knowledgeable team at The Lawn Surgeon to achieve the healthy grass you desire. The Cromwell, CT, lawn care company has provided outstanding commercial and residential landscaping services since 1985 and frequently features specials on their official website. Call The Lawn Surgeon today at (860) 635-1127, visit the business online for more information on lawn care services, and like the landscaping company on Facebook for more helpful tips.

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