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Why Is an Oil Change Necessary for Your Vehicle? April 20, 2017

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Why Is an Oil Change Necessary for Your Vehicle?, Honolulu, Hawaii

Of the many auto maintenance tasks you need to concern yourself with, few seem to be mentioned more frequently (or performed more often) than an oil change. Why is an oil change critical for the functionality of your automobile?

It helps to understand what oil does within your vehicle. While it may not look like it at first glance, your engine is comprised of many moving parts, which rub against each other when your vehicle is running. This constant motion produces friction and heat. Oil plays a crucial role in helping your engine run properly by lubricating these engine components, so they can operate smoothly without overheating.

oil changeWhile fresh motor oil can be quite effective at keeping your engine working properly, it will eventually break down, as continued use of your vehicle wears it out and causes contaminants to get into the oil.

When this happens, the oil won’t work as effectively since it causes your engine to run too hot. This can warp various metal parts or make your engine stop working entirely.

To avoid these problems, it’s essential to get an oil change at the interval suggested in your owner’s manual. For most drivers, this means getting an oil change after 3,000 to 5,000 miles on the road. However, other factors, from the type of oil you use to the local climate, could affect these numbers as well. By getting an oil change on a regular basis, you can keep your engine running smoothly while avoiding unnecessary repairs. 

Whether you need an oil change or auto painting, the certified team at Auto World Specialists in Honolulu, HI, will keep your vehicle in top shape. To learn more about the services provided, or to request a free quote, visit the car service team online or call (808) 833-4464.

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