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Concrete Sand or Mason Sand: Which Is Right for My Project? April 20, 2017

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Concrete Sand or Mason Sand: Which Is Right for My Project?, Eagle, Ohio

Summer is quickly approaching, and it won’t be long before it’s in full swing. When that time comes, many Greater Cincinnati residents will take advantage of the warm weather and embark on new construction projects. If that includes you, you may need to decide between concrete and mason sand. While they are both incredibly versatile and affordable products, these materials have some key differences.

Hanson Aggregates, an ODOT-certified producer of crushed stone products, offers the following advice for choosing between the two.

Concrete Sand

This aggregate material is crushed and filtered at a quarry, and comprised of limestone, granite, gneiss, or trap rock. It’s one of the main ingredients in cement, asphalt, and mortar. Many homeowners and contractors use concrete sand as a base layer for paver patios or walkways, above-ground pools, or as pipe sand. Concrete sand is also mixed with topsoil or mulch and used as top dressing material for lawns and golf courses.

Mason Sand

sandWhile mason sand is produced in a manner that’s similar to concrete sand, the grains of this material are much finer and more uniform. Mason sand and concrete sand can be used for many of the same projects, but, due to its fine texture, the mason variety is also an excellent alternative to beach sand. If you’re building a volleyball court, playground, or sandbox, use mason sand for a soft feel and attractive appearance. Mason sand is also used for erosion prevention in gardens and landscaping projects.

Need help planning your project? Visit Hanson Aggregates online and use their free material calculator to figure out how much sand you’ll need. To speak to a crushed stone specialist about your plans, call their Cleves, OH, office at (800) 654-9229. Along with locations in Winchester and Batavia, they offer sand and gravel pickup and delivery services throughout the area.

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